Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day at Lakewood Cemetery

The big day is tomorrow. Yes Memorial Day is the cemetery lovers kind of holiday. You won't be alone in the cemetery as usual, which is a fun, but also a bit annoying. We love our solitude, us cemetery stompers, but it is exciting to bump into others of like mind too.

Tomorrow is the big celebration at Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They have a full day of events for everyone to enjoy. I am really looking forward to being in a crowd at the cemetery. I always have gone when it is quiet and avoided the crowds on holidays. I am going to venture out to new territory and join the masses, and visit my great grandma's grave too.

I am most looking forward to the guided tour, but which tour to take! Yes they have 3 different tours and one is via a horse drawn carriage! Oh I hope I can be so lucky. I am most looking forward to touring the beautiful chapel they have on site. I have only heard of the amazingly gorgeous hand made mosaics that cover the dome. It was constructed in 1910. They will have a string quartet and special historic exhibit of the history of Lakewood.

I am so impressed with all they have scheduled tomorrow. I will post the link because the list is quite lengthy. You can check out the complete list of events on their website:

I want to do it ALL! hahaha! yes it is like going to the fair for me. I am a bit of a nut I guess.

Happy Memorial Day to you all and God bless all our soldiers past and present.

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